Sustainability Profile


We are committed to being a carbon positive company. We achieve this through ensuring that we use little to no carbon in the sourcing of our garments, utilising recycled and existing products in our work spaces and retail materials, and contributing to carbon offsetting programmes when we do create a carbon footprint.

Our philosophy is simple: reduce, reuse, recycle. 



Our packaging is sourced from, a company which is committed to supporting small businesses be eco-friendly. Our mailer boxes are made of 90% recycled cardboard and 10% wood pulp. They are fully recyclable. The packaging that you will find inside the box is totally unbranded and so (we hope!) fit for reuse as giftwrap or decoration in your home. We do not use unnecessarily and so you will not find StaskRak garment tags on your items, nor will you receive a physical receipt. 


Unsold garments

We keep clothing on our website for 6 months, 10* longer than the average 'online thrift stores'. We believe that there is a home for every gently used garment, and we are willing to be a foster home until then. If after 6 months has passed we have not found a home for object, it will be donated to local initiatives that support clothing the vulnerable and those who would not otherwise be able to afford clothing.