Do you provide a size guide?

In brief, we don't provide a size guide! In an ideal world, clothing manufacturers would all stick to the same template but often retailers have individuated sizing. If you are interested in a contemporary branded item we recommend checking out the brand's own size guide on their website. We also provide measurements on request. 


What is our shipping policy?

We ship within 1-3 days of you placing an order.


Is our packaging recyclable? 

Yes! Our packaging is recyclable. More details can be found on our sustainability profile here: www.stashrak.com/sustainability-profile/


How do you deliver your packages?

If you live in the CB1-CB5 area of Cambridge, we can deliver by bike! You can choose a Cambridge drop-off at checkout, after which we will be in touch to schedule a delivery time at your convenience.

All other deliveries are carried out by the Royal Mail.


Do you deliver worldwide?

We do! We don't offer a flat rate to post to countries other than the UK, EU, EEA, and Switzerland. If you reside outside of this area but wish to make a purchase, please send an email to info@stashrak.com listing the items you wish to purchase and we will provide you with a postage quote.


Do you wash the clothes that you sell?

Not always! We wash the most gnarly clothing, but sometimes clothes arrive that are new with tags or recently laundered. Every time a garment is washed there is an impact on the environment and we try to limit this as much as we are able.


Do the clothes that you sell have any faults?

Some of the clothing and accessories that we sell have faults or flaws. We try to accurately represent this in the descriptions of our items but as always, drop us an email if you have a specific query.


How do you price your items?

We take into account the design, fabrication, and condition of the item when we price our items. Collectible and designer pieces often come with a higher price tag to reflect their wider resale value.