StashRak was founded in October 2019 by Alex. Dissatisfied with the current offering of secondhand fashion retailers, she set up the business with the aim that it serve as a selling and trading platform for her local community in Cambridge. Over a year since it's foundation, StashRak has re-homed thousands of garments. It continues to offer a selection of quality clothing and accessories sourced from local sellers, flea markets, and recycling centres. 


A Mission Statement:

We believe that the consumption of fashion items is contributing to climate change and the erosion of ecosystems that are vital to sustaining life on this planet. We believe that many beautiful items of clothing linger in closets unloved and would find a better home elsewhere. We believe that shopping secondhand is the future of fashion. 

We are a business that aims to address the taboos surrounding secondhand fashion and help people to revive their wardrobes through selling their old clothes and buying new-to-you. All the while, we wish to provide a luxurious experience, so that the customer doesn't miss out on any of the excitement that comes with a new purchase. 

StashRak is currently based in Cambridge in the United Kingdom. We source items locally and post UK-wide using the Royal Mail who are similarly committed to reducing carbon emissions.